NGPS Honor Roll

As a part of discovering the history of New Gisborne Primary we’ve be researching our school honor roll. below is a link to what we already know about those listed on the honor roll. Many of the soldiers on our honor roll are also on the epitaph in Gisborne. – New Gisborne Primary will endeavour to adopt all our soldiers on the honor board.

New Gisborne Primary – honor roll.compressed-svnijt ( Please note this is a work in progress)

After reading about our heros listed on the honor roll

What interesting facts have you found about those listed?
What further information would you like to know?

Have any of your relatives served in our armed forces? Who? When?

New Gisborne Primary 1863 – 2013

Over the years many staff have researched the history of New Gisborne Primary. Mr Bell has collated their research and filled in the missing gaps with the assistance of both past and present staff and students to produce a book celebrating the achievements and history of New Gisborne Primary. The book will be on sale for $10.00 throughout our 150th celebrations from the 31st May 2013.

Birthday Celebration

New Gisborne Primary School 150th Birthday Celebration Evening

Saturday 1st at June 2013

You are invited.

To commemorate New Gisborne Primary School’s 150th Birthday celebration, the School and the 150th committee are hosting an evening event for all past students (Age 18 +) as well as past and current parents and staff.

Here you will have a chance to ”

Walk Through Time“.

Reminisce over old class photos.

View displays put together by the students depicting different eras in time for NGPS.

Watch slide shows of activities by the students from the “Walk Through Time” day event.

Mingle and Chat with past students and past and current staff and parents

There will also be:

An official welcome speech

Ambient background music to start the evening and dancing to finish it off.

Light supper / finger food, tea & coffee provided

A limited amount of soft drink will be available for purchase.

You will also have the chance to purchase:

Commemorative glasses

NGPS 1863-2013 book


Saturday 1st June 2013



New Gisborne Primary School Gymnasium

Entrance off Ferrier Road

BYO Alcohol & Drinks

RSVP with payment

Monday 27th May 2013

Download Invite: 150th invitation & ticket order form

Have a story?

Are you an past student or teacher?  Current student or teacher? have a story you’d like to share about your time here at NGPS. We would like to hear more about your experiences of life at NGPS. The following questions may help to prompt some memories.

Download – Student Question

  •  What year and age did you start your school life?
  • Was New Gisborne Primary School your only primary school?
  • If no, list the primary schools you attended and reason why (eg. father’s work places).
  • Where did you live as a child if New Gisborne was the only primary school you attended?
  • What subjects did you do?
  • Were there any whole school events?
  • Were there any weekly routines?
  • What did you do for lunches?
  • Was there a School Canteen?
  • Were parents involved in:
  • The running of the school?
  • Assisting in the classroom?
  • Raising money for school equipment?
  • What did you do at the end of the school day?
  • Did you have homework?       IF SO What was it?
  • Did you do any extra-curriculum activities (Scouts / Guides, tennis, swimming …)?
  • Who were your friends at school?
  • Do you still have contact with these friends?HOW? – meeting, telephone, letter, e-mail ..
  • Did you have any accidents at school?   Explain what happened if you recall the details.
  • Did you wear a school uniform?   If so, what was it?
  • What sports did you play against other schools?
  • Did you only play sport at school? – LIST THE SPORTS AND THE EQUIPMENT NEEDED
  • What games did you play at school?
  • Did you have school rules?        Did you have classroom rules?
  • What punishments were used?
  • Do you remember any teachers’ names?
  • Are they still teaching?
  • Did you have a favourite teacher? Why?
  • Did you have excursions, camps or incursions? Is so where were they to, or involve?
  • At what age did you leave school?
  • What level of educational attainment did you achieve?
  • Have you returned to any form of schooling since you finished your school years?
  •  What are your fondest or funniest memories of New Gisborne Primary School?